Dusty Richards grew up riding horses and watching his western heroes on the big screen. He even wrote book reports for his classmates, making up westerns since English teachers didn’t read that kind of book. But his mother didn’t want him to be a cowboy, so he went to college, then worked for Tyson Foods and auctioned cattle when he wasn’t an anchor on television.

But his lifelong dream was to write the novels he loved. He sat on the stoop of Zane Grey’s cabin and promised that he’d get published. In 1992, his first book, Noble’s Way, hit the shelves. Since then, he’s had 149 more come out. Dusty’s most recent novel, The Mustanger and the Lady, was recently purchased for adaptation to a screenplay, so soon he’ll be able to see his own western heroes on the silver screen, as well.

If he can steal some time, he also like to fish for trout on the Buffalo River.